Ideation Workshop for Social Enterprises

March 13, 2019 @ 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Sheridan College - Hazel McCallon Campus | Room B290
4226 Duke of York Blvd
ON L5B 0G5

Brought to you by the O.N.E. Social Enterprise Partnership, Ryerson SVZ, CSI and your host EDGE at Sheridan College.

Are you interested in starting a social enterprise or learning more about how to do so effectively?

A challenge facing social innovators (and, indeed, innovators of all types) is that they often leap to a solution without having properly researched and defined the problem. This can negatively impact the venture at later stages, where issues that should have been known much earlier can cause significant delays or even stop the venture in its tracks.

The Ideation Workshop will help innovators further refine their ideas to create a viable social enterprise. Using tools and worksheets developed by Alex Gill, Director and co-founder of the Ryerson Social Venture Zone, participants will work through their ideas using a range of methodologies. Users of the interactive worksheets will perform a range of foundational work that is key to separating the knowledge of the problem from the tools to solve it. You can use this process to help validate your idea and ensure you are truly solving a social problem, rather than trying to fit a problem into a solution.


1. Help participants explore and deepen their initial social business ideas by using a variety of creativity and innovation tools;

2. Capture and deepen their ideas via Ryerson’s “Ideation Canvas” that will outline all initial aspects of their social business idea;

3. Learn about the major mistakes that early stage social entrepreneurs make – and how to avoid them;


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