Pitch Workshop

September 10, 2019 @ 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm
ICUBE Co-Working Space
3359 Mississauga Road
Ignacion Mongrell

Interested in expanding your network and getting more users and clients?

ICUBE will be hosting a workshop directed by Portia Asli,  ICUBE Mentor and Founder & CEO of Px Venture Services Inc. who will be teaching you the essentials to make your pitch compelling.

Pitch Workshop:

A classic general partner at a VC hears about 3,000 pitches a year, seriously considers about 600 of them and closes 1 to 3 deals. Your job as an entrepreneur is to be one of those deals. In this 2 hour workshop, whether you are making a 3 min pitch or 20 min pitch, you will walkway with 11 must-haves in your next Investment pitch to expedite on closing the fundraising round and learn the techniques of three world-class brands on how they secured capital.

Pitch Training:

Each startup founder will get the opportunity to practice what they learned in the previous pitch workshop by delivering a 3-minute pitch and receive detailed feedback. Most importantly, other founders will be able to provide feedback. All participants walkway with exceptional experience and feeling they have already improved with great feedback to win pitch competitions, raise capital and close sales. Plus, it’s the whole team that is supporting your growth in a safe environment. We all come into a safe environment with a growth mindset (“I learn and I improve”) and the opportunity to give back to others (“I add value to the people around me”) – truly a founder-to-founder support system.