From Concept to Launch

You are a visionary with an idea or in progress digital media project.

At Sheridan’s incubation centres, we provide coaching and mentorship, support for market development and access to capital.
Drive success faster with the right support – expertise, knowledge, technology and equipment.



Industry Mentorship & Training



Industry Mentorship & Training

Industry Mentorship and Training

  • Leverage SIRT’s full digital media industry ecosystem

  • Develop strategic engagement plan

  • Customized training and programming to meet your needs

Strategic Research and Development Planning

  • Customized to provide you with access to services in order to reach your goals

  • Develop your R&D strategy including leveraging funding tools

Access to SIRT workspace

  • Production studio and lab facility on 10,000 sq ft sound stage in the centre of the film industry

  • Access to advanced technology to determine your technology growth path


  • Full development and execution plan

Leading-edge technology for digital media production

  • Advanced digital cinema cameras, stereoscopic camera rigs, motion capture technology and leading-edge virtual reality technology

Partnership Development

  • Industry and technology

  • Opportunities to attend industry event

How can you engage?

If you have a digital media project or idea, then you may be eligible for this funding and support.


Find out how >


Find out how >


Learn more about the CMF Accelerator Partnership Program and find out about eligibility.

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