EDGE Student Membership

The EDGE Student Membership is a catalyst for your growth as a Sheridan student.  Membership provides entrepreneurial skill development, networking and hands-on learning so you can build a purpose-driven career or venture.

The Membership

Free | For Sheridan Students Only | Primarily Virtual

Learning modules designed for growth

Free access to learning modules you can do at your own pace. You’ll learn about:

  • Entrepreneurship and Intrapreneurship
  • Ideation and Innovation
  • Changemaking

Exclusive events

Participate in exclusive learning and networking events where you’ll learn from others and make valuable connections with other aspiring entrepreneurs and changemakers.

Faculty advisor office hours

Benefit from Sheridan’s world-class faculty as you work on launching your career or a new venture. Book office hours for personalized guidance.

Mentorship and coaching

Leverage the experience and entrepreneurial insights of industry experts to accelerate your growth and navigate challenges effectively.

EDGEncy job board

Discover job and volunteer opportunities by posting your talent and skills on EDGEncy.

Early access to entrepreneurship programs

Be the first to know about EDGE programs to get a head start on entrepreneurial growth.

Additional supports

Tap into resources designed specifically for students who are pursuing an entrepreneurial idea

Membership Benefits

Career Skills and Job Readiness

Develop essential entrepreneurial career skills and become job-ready to succeed and create change in an evolving market.

Exploring Entrepreneurship and Intrapreneurship

Whether you want to start your own business or drive innovation within existing organizations, EDGE provides the guidance and tools to nurture your entrepreneurial mindset in a supportive environment.

Support for Impactful Ideas

Find the resources, networks, mentorship and community needed to transform your impact ideas into tangible ventures. From refining business plans to accessing funding opportunities, we’ll support you at every stage of your entrepreneurial journey.

Building Side-Businesses and New Ventures

Learn to balance passion projects with academic commitments and explore opportunities to earn a sustainable income.

Making a Difference

EDGE fosters a community of changemakers who are passionate about creating a positive impact in their communities and the world. Through shared experiences and collaboration, you’ll learn to use your skills to address social and environmental challenges.

Meet Your Mentors

We welcome collaboration with Sheridan faculty

Are you a faculty member who sees entrepreneurial potential in your students? Are you interested in making connections between classroom work and EDGE programs or the EDGE community? We’d love to hear from you. Please introduce yourself by filling out this form.

Teaching Innovation

Work with EDGE to create engaging learning experiences for students and infuse entrepreneurial skills into curriculum.

Research Opportunities

Collaborate with EDGE startups, research entrepreneurship trends, or explore the intersection between entrepreneurship and your discipline.

Professional Development

Join workshops and events to stay updated on trends and network with like-minded people.


Connect with startups who can become industry partners for capstones and student projects.


Become an EDGE mentor and share your valuable expertise with students and entrepreneurs.

Student Support

Connect students to the career and skill development resources available to them via EDGE membership.


EDGE Info Sessions

Come find out what Sheridan EDGE has to offer to support you on your journey as an intrapreneur, freelancer or entrepreneur.

Office Hours

Office Hours with Nadine Sinno

Got a business idea but need help figuring out how to get started? Book office hours with Nadine to get guidance on your ideas or learn about intrapreneurship and essential career skills. Whether you're a budding entrepreneur or just curious, swing by to explore the possibilities!


Fill out this form to become an EDGE Student Member.

Membership is free for all Sheridan students.

Your EDGE Student Membership and any EDGE courses you take in Slate will not have any impact on your grades. Participation is voluntary and optional.

Any active Sheridan student can register for the EDGE student membership, including international and domestic students and students from all disciplines and fields of study on all our campuses.   

Your EDGE Student Membership is valid as long as you are a student at Sheridan. Once you graduate, we welcome you to become a community member. Email us at edge@sheridancollege.ca for more information on community memberships.

Please read about the EDGE Student Membership and its benefits on this page.

Once you join the EDGE Student membership you will get added to an EDGE Explore course on SLATE – topics include Ideation, Changemaking, and more. The modules in the Explore course are designed for self-paced learning, allowing you to choose which one you’d like to delve deeper into. While there’s no predetermined order for the modules, we suggest following the sequence outlined on SLATE. Feel free to contact us at edge.programs@sheridancollege.ca if you have any inquiries about the Explore modules. 

We also have free in-person events where you can learn about how to make an impact through entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship.  

The EDGE student membership is designed to support a variety of student needs. It depends on what YOU want to achieve! We have opportunities to build skills and knowledge in entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship and you can also get support to build a business or non-profit. The journey is yours to define. 

To support business idea development, all student members are eligible to access office hours withindustry experts and Sheridan’s world-class faculty. Enhanced mentorship support is available for students who are actively working on a venture. If you join a formal learning program offered by EDGE, mentorship and coaching is included.  Mentoring/coaching may be held in-person or online based on mutual availability. 

The EDGE team works diligently to showcase the initiatives and projects of its student members to a broader audience via social media, blogs, articles and interviews.  

We follow Sheridan’s policies on intellectual property (IP). Sheridan’s IP Policy protects your right to own any work you create or help to develop in the course of your time at Sheridan. Please refer to this link to read more: https://www.sheridancollege.ca/about/administration-governance/policies-accountability/intellectual-property 

EDGE can support with the following  

  • Developing valuable entrepreneurial skills 
  • Learning how to create and innovate within existing organizations 
  • Building your professional network 
  • Freelancing or creating a small side business 
  • Creating a meaningful impact in your community 

Yes, you can. EDGE has membership options for alumni and is open to the general public. Email us atedge@sheridancollege.ca for more information. 

Please join us at an upcoming info session to connect with an EDGE team member to hear all about the support we offer. Or send us an email atedge@sheridancollege.ca or visit us in person at EDGE in HMC, room B290.