Coworking Guidelines

We are so glad you’re here. To keep this space healthy, safe and productive, we invite you to review and observe the following. Above all, this is a shared space – we expect you will always be welcoming, courteous and respectful to one another. Thank you for thinking of your peers and colleagues. If you have any concerns or questions, you can ask Front Desk. 

Bring your healthy self to work. If you’re ill, please stay home. You can refer to Sheridan’s COVID-19 updates to learn about what to expect on campus and the protocols in place to keep you safe.

Every person must sign-in and book resources on the app, or at front desk.

This is primarily a workspace, we expect that any person using the space will uphold Sheridan’s Code for Professionalism and Civility and EDGE’s Member Code of Conduct.

The furniture is very comfortable – but this isn’t a space to sleep, nap, kick off your shoes or cuddle with your loved ones.

We play lo-fi or instrumental music to provide some background noise.

Noise volume fluctuates in the open concept space – we try to be respectful to those around us by keeping our conversations to a low volume.

If you have a meeting or call that will be longer than 15 minutes, and you'll be an active participant, please book a meeting room or use the drop-in space. Note: the busiest days at EDGE are Monday to Wednesday, between 9am and 1pm. Consider scheduling meetings ahead of time or outside these hours.

If you're having a long chat with another coworking member, consider moving to the drop-in space or take a break together where you can have tea/coffee in the community space.

At times the hub space will be used for events or small groups – the noise levels can become louder than normal and EDGE staff will aim to give you adequate notice.

If you are eating, use the tables and avoid drinking or eating on the fabric furnishings. Be sure to clean up for the next person using the space.

We have a centralized area in the kitchen to dispose of your garbage, recycling and compost.

You're welcome to use the fridge to store your personal food items, just remember to label things or clear them out at the end of the week. Coffee and tea are always available to you! Kindly place dirty dishes in the dishwasher.

Please feel free to use the office supplies and equipment in the hub – just be sure to return things to their place and let us know if anything is damaged so that we can replace it.

Please blur your backgrounds or use a different background when using a webcam to protect the privacy of those around you.

Please don’t move around chairs or furniture – ask Front Desk to help support your needs.

Refrain from personal grooming - we know this might seem odd …but it actually happens!

For 24/7 access: Sheridan's buildings are open Mon-Fri 6am-11pm and Sat/Sun 7am-5pm. Outside these hours, you can use the B6 doors (North parking lot) or B1 doors (Duke of York) to enter by calling Campus Security at 905-815-4044 (or use the emergency phones).

EDGE is staffed 9-5pm (Mon-Fri). Please contact Campus Security if you need assistance at 905-814-4044. They are located downstairs, in the North corridor. Security information is also posted on the announcement board by the main entrance.

Sheridan may have limited access on statutory holidays. In the event of weather-related or unique campus closures, members will not be allowed access as a matter of safety. We will communicate any last minute changes on the Optix app.

First Aid: There is a first aid kit in the cupboard above the dishwasher.

If you need a quiet place to pray, meditate or do some light stretching, check the Optix app, and pop into a meeting room for 15 minutes - we won't count this towards your usage. Please consider if there are any existing bookings before using the room.

EDGE staff are always here to help – connect with us if you need any further assistance.

Thank you for your cooperation and commitment to keeping our space extraordinary!