Women on the EDGE

Posted on March 8th, 2022

Happy International Women’s Day! We are incredibly proud of the ventures that women in the EDGE community have created, and we can’t wait to tell you about their products and services!

We hope you will join us in celebrating them, making purchases from them, and promoting them on social media; all you have to do is like, share, and comment.

SAB Fruit Cakes

Sharon Bailey, the founder of SAB Fruit Cakes, began making fruitcakes with her mother when she was seven years old. SAB Fruit Cake is a rich, moist, and flavorful fruit cake created with a blend of fruits soaked in authentic Jamaican white rum and red wine and then aged to perfection. Try one of these delectable cakes and show your support for Sharon.

Eden's Treasure

Winnie Lee had three jobs before the pandemic, but she lost them all. She made the decision to transform her passion into a business at that point. Eden’s Treasure is a real, natural, and environmentally conscious store that sells handcrafted bath products. To support her community, Winnie buys her raw materials locally. Winnie’s homemade items are available for purchase here.

Impact Learning

Maya Saggar is passionate about creating and building innovative learning experiences for educators to improve their curriculum and further the education of their students.  She also creates experiences for small businesses to offer their customers. Here’s her website for more information on her services.

Betty Franklin & Company

Betty Franklin is a mental health and well-being expert, author, educator, registered nurse and Shes the founder of Betty Franklin & Company. She offers coaching and programs focused on improving mental health and life perspectives. Betty Franklin & Company 

Hope Pet Food

Sofia Bonilla and Kasey Dunn, founders of Hope Pet Food are creating alternative protein pet foods that are good for both pets and the environment. Their foods minimize greenhouse gas emissions by 70% and water and arable land consumption by 90%! Their mission to use science and kindness to make radically better and sustainable pet food with alternative proteins so that all living things can live in harmony with the needs of our planet. Make your pets healthier and support climate action by buying Hope Pet Food.

Kabigan Connection INC

Karen Swyszcz and Rigel Jones are the founders of Kaibigan Connection INC. Their mission is to connect Filipinx business owners and leaders to opportunities and each other. Filipinx entrepreneurs can share their stories and network through their platform and events. You can support Kaibigan Connection INC by sharing this with your network.  


Crystal Wong Kruger is the founder of LIOHAN Inc. LIOHAN’s aim is to enhance familiar education and extracurricular activities in order to better engage children and assist parents in strengthening their relationships with them. Visit the LIOHAN Inc. website to learn more and support Crystal.


Chris-Beth Cowie, founder of Empowered4X, offers office space, assistance, and networking opportunities to business professionals. They also allow virtual firms to have physical mailing addresses, making them appear more professional and trustworthy to clients. 

Social Jelly

Amanda Russell, founder of Jelly Social, assists BIPOC entrepreneurs in breaking down racial barriers and creating opportunities for them to succeed in business. Become a member of Jelly Social to rapidly connect with a real community of over 4000 members.  

Join Jelly Social today.


Brooke Parrott turned her passion for illustrating into a business venture during the pandemic. She sells her eco-friendly stickers, art prints, and stationery on Etsy and her own website. Purchase Brooke’s art and show her some support.

Ecosystem Informatics

With a passion for environmental monitoring and pollution mitigation, Shirook Ali and her team have built in-house hardware and software to give actionable climate and environmental data that can be utilized to help any firm accomplish its sustainability goals. Shirook Ali is the founder of Ecosystem Informatics Inc. 

Accelerate Her Future

Golnaz Golnaraghi is the founder of Accelerate Her Future (AHF). Golnaz started AHF because of her own experiences with microaggressions as a racialized immigrant woman. AHF provides mentorship, networks, tools, skills, and opportunities to self-identified Black, Indigenous and women of colour as they begin their careers in business. 

Become a member of Accelerate Her Future and support your journey today. 

The Beaver Stand

Ferne Kotlyar’s eco- store The Beaver Stand is committed to providing customers environmentally friendly and ethical clothes and accessories designed and manufactured in Canada. Support The Beaver Stand and purchase their products.


Anisa El-Amin has been teaching the yoga lifestyle since 1996. She offers yoga classes in person and online, as well as motivational guidance. Her classes assist her students in achieving a sense of inner serenity, health, and joy.  

Book a yoga session with Anisa today! 

Stem and Petals

Vanessa Vetro produces bespoke flower arrangements and potted plants that are one of a kind. With options for pickup and delivery, her flowers are the perfect gift to uplift anyone. Buy from Stems and Petals Floral Design!

The Brown Citizen Circle

Ashwini Selvakumaran is passionate about bringing the voices of BIPOC youth to the forefront. Her company, The Brown Citizen Circle, is dedicated  to creating events that provide children with the knowledge they need to make a difference. 

Learn more and support The Brown Citizen Circle.

Ready Our Youth

Pauline Alexander is dedicated to raising awareness about the opioid epidemic and removing the stigma associated with mental illness. She’s doing this by leading an organization called Ready Our Youth.  

Raise your own awareness for these issues and support Ready Our Youth.

Jacket Strap

Diana Kuo is the founder of Jacket Strap. Her brand focuses on designing accessories that improve the functionality of garments. Jacket Strap allows jackets to be worn on the shoulders like a backpack, which is excellent for situations where the jacket is too hot to wear but you don’t want to carry it in your hands. 

Buy a jacket strap today! 


Monique Pitt is enthusiastic about empowering women and spreading environmental awareness. Her social venture Gyallivant, hosts group events based on exercise and wellness, which are frequently hosted outdoors to allow attendees to interact with nature. 


Naomi Rowe’s app INTERVUMI assists job seekers in gaining the confidence and abilities they need to ace their interviews. The software generates personalized mock interviews based on the user’s specific job prospects and provides them with immediate feedback and results. Download the app today and see for yourself! 

Go Girl Gifts

Jodi Darby develops one-of-a-kind accessories, stationery, gift boxes and prints for her brand Go Girl Gifts. Her items are completely customizable and frequently contain personalized artwork and quotes, making them the perfect gift for any woman! 

Purchase a Go Girl Gift!