Software Development and Network Engineering


Hasan Master

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Brief Introduction:

I am a second year student in Software Development and Network Engineering at Sheridan College. I consider myself to be an individual with a strong sense of work ethic and dedication to programming and software development. My interest in programming led me to starting a youtube channel on which I teach programming to new programmers.

My grades of 3.83 are a proof to my dedication and my work ethic. Along with the grades I have worked on projects ranging from front end using HTML, CSS, JavaScript to back end using Java. I have created a Point-Of-Sales system using Java & File I/O which was done as a project for school and contributed to my transition from a beginner programmer to an intermediate programmer. I have worked on creation of a Platformer Game using reference from a youtube playlist of Kaarin gaming. The game extended my java skills and provided a lot more clarity regarding the core principles of java.

I have also worked on Java Framework – Spring, along with using H2 Database and implementing security using SpringSecurity6. I have created numerous web applications using Spring as my assignments which has given me clarity regarding many things including Spring MVC.

I also hold experience working with relationsal databases such as MySQL and PostGreSQL. I consider myself to be a technical asset and if I get a chance to combine my technical skills with someone I can be a very big asset for the company. I consider myself to be a very good member which has also been proved in the creation of POS as it was a group project.

My communciation, leadership and team works skills along with my technical skills stand proof of my ability to work with people and complete the required/assigned tasks.

Program of study:

Computer Systems Technology – Software Development & Network Engineering

Skill / Service provided:

  • Java/ Springboot Programmer
  • Python Programmer
  • Web Developer – HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Availability type: Paid

Compensation requested: $20/hr