Event Support

Name of Venture:

Henningham & Associates


Mental Health/ Community support


Venture Description:

A mental health private practice with a focus on relationships, from business to romantic relationships.

We host events for black couples to connect, explore, and heal


Email / Contact information:


Description of Opportunity:

1. Registration and Check-in: Greeting attendees, verifying registrations, and providing event materials such as name tags, programs, or swag bags.

2. Welcoming and Guiding Guests: Directing attendees to different areas of the event venue, such as the registration desk, seating areas, restrooms, and refreshment stations.

3. Coordinating Activities: Assisting with the setup and breakdown of activities, games, or workshops, and providing instructions to participants as needed.

4. Assisting Speakers or Presenters: Helping speakers or presenters set up their materials, managing AV equipment, and ensuring presentations run smoothly.

5. Monitoring and Managing Lines: Directing traffic flow and managing lines at registration, food and beverage stations, and activity areas to ensure a smooth and orderly experience for attendees.

6. Providing Information and Assistance: Answering questions from attendees, providing information about the event schedule, speakers, and activities, and offering assistance as needed.

7. Handling Logistics: Assisting with logistical tasks such as moving furniture, setting up signage, distributing promotional materials, and ensuring the event space is clean and organized.

8. Managing VIP or Special Guests: Providing personalized assistance to VIP attendees or special guests, ensuring they have everything they need and are comfortable throughout the event.

9. Monitoring Safety and Security: Keeping an eye out for any safety hazards or security concerns, such as tripping hazards, overcrowding, or unauthorized access, and addressing them promptly.

10. Collecting Feedback: Distributing and collecting feedback surveys or comment cards from attendees to gather insights for future event planning and improvement.

11. Troubleshooting: Addressing any issues or concerns raised by attendees, such as technical difficulties, scheduling conflicts, or complaints, and finding solutions to resolve them effectively.

12. Assisting with Clean-up: Helping to clean up the event space once the event is over, including clearing tables, disposing of trash, and returning equipment and supplies to their proper storage areas.


Willingness to help and support with duties

Position Required Availability: Volunteer role, In person

Compensation Provided: Mentorship, experience, and referrals

If you are interested in applying for this position please send an email by 30th June, 2024 to info@hnapractice.com