Digital Marketing & Graphic Designing


Kurt Daniels

Email / Contact information:

Brief Introduction:

Hello, I’m Kurt, and I’m relatively new to Canada. Back in my home country, I successfully managed my own business while also working. I’m passionate about entrepreneurship and innovation, and I’m keen to enhance my skills specific to the startup community. I’m eager to connect with a like-minded community that shares my passion and can help me reach the next level in my entrepreneurial journey. Who knows, together we might even start a business right here in Canada or take our shared ideas back home.

Program of study:

Business ( General )

Skill / Service provided:

  • Digital Marketing
  • Graphic Design
  • Illustration
  • Research
  • Communications

Availability type: Volunteer

Compensation requested: For my volunteer work, I don’t have a compensation request in terms of monetary rewards. My primary goals are to gain valuable experience and opportunities that will help me build my portfolio, expand my network within the startup community, and grow as an individual. These experiences and connections are invaluable to me and are the compensation I’m seeking.