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Nikita Mevcha

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Brief Introduction:

I’m motivated by work that inspires people to connect as their authentic selves.Beyond that, I struggle to summarize my skills and experiences in traditional corporate jargon – the “Nikita has over X years of professional work experience in…” spiel. Partially because I’ve proudly invested in a lifetime of building an unconventionally diverse and complex set of experiences that cannot be described in 140 chars, but largely because I try to be as authentic as possible in my writing, and authentically, I don’t think or speak in corporate jargon.So here’s my deal: I have the academic credentials of a business graduate, work experience in education, writing, and marketing, and a blip-in timeline to show that at some point, I put it all on hold to become a co-founder of an educational startup. What that really means is that I’m wired to think logically and constantly question the ‘why’ of things, I aim to inspire through captivating storytelling, and my style of leading people by way of building up their resilience and authenticity.LinkedIn is how I connect with, keep up-to-date on, and network with people!

Program of study:

Business Analysis and Process Management

Skill / Service provided:

  • Bizagi Software
  • Visio
  • Google Suite
  • Business Analyst
  • Process Analyst
  • Digital Marketing

Availability type: Paid 

Compensation requested: $24/hour