Dana Moskowitz

Email: dana.moskowitz@sheridancollege.ca

Dana Moskowitz is an energetic results-driven marketing professional with 20 years of experience in telecommunications, software development, SaaS and IT solutions. She has led teams to develop high-profile technology product launches and campaigns for both B2B and B2C initiatives. Throughout her career, she has also worked on a number of customer efficiency initiatives to boost retention, loyalty and upsell. As a leader, she has become proficient in driving top-line results and bottom-line profits. Following multiple acquisitions, she spearheaded the transformation of a traditional technology company resulting in a new brand identity and services which increased our competitiveness in the cloud solutions market. As a people leader, her people-centred philosophy has developed in partnership with her teams and led to positive performance outcomes based on trust. As a business partner, her collaborative, cross-functional approach has created meaningful, long-standing and productive relationships. In this climate of rapid technological change, she believes that there is immense opportunity for growth, particularly in the education tech sectors which she is passionately contributing to. She is known as a self-starter who is unintimidated by challenge.