Sheridan Students Tackle Social Issues at InnocaS.E Competition

Highlights from InnocaS.E: Innovation, problem-solving, and collaboration.

Over 100 students and alumni applied to be part of the InnocaS.E competition, a joint initiative by Sheridan’s Student Union (SSU) and EDGE. The competition had 12 teams working on creative ideas to address pressing social issues over 48 hours.   

On June 26, the teams and over 50 attendees, including faculty, staff and students, gathered at Sheridan College’s Hazel McCallion Campus to watch the ideas presentation live.   

The winning ideas suggested innovations to help resolve the student housing crisis, alleviate stress within the immigrant community caused by migration and lack of awareness and support time management, which is essential for student success.   

While the top three teams scored highest on potential impact and feasibility, others also presented innovative and engaging ideas, creating inspirational and upbeat energy in the room. All participants received a certificate and great reviews from the judges. The judge’s panel consisted of Khalil Dorival, Youth Speaker and Wellness Coach; Muthana Zouri, Dean of Pilon School of Business; Nauman Khan, Associate Vice President of External Relations at Sheridan; and Shokran Saheli, Director of Marketing at 100Nine Marketing.  

Apart from the competition, the day included icebreakers, great food and a panel facilitated by Renee Deveraux, Director of EDGE. The panel discussed the significance of promoting problem-solving and creative thinking for student well-being. Panelists included Ganyo Soh, President of Sheridan Student Union, Nadine Sinno, Student Engagement Manager, and Gulsher Singh, Chairperson of the Board at SSU. Icebreakers like Simon Says helped create fun and laughter in the room, fostering a sense of togetherness and a shared vision.  

InnocaS.E showcased the remarkable talent and innovative spirit within the Sheridan community. The inspiring ideas presented by the students not only demonstrated their creative problem-solving abilities but also highlighted their commitment to addressing real-world issues. The energy and enthusiasm in the room were palpable, leaving everyone in attendance with a sense of fulfillment and pride. InnocaS.E. showed the power of collaboration, creativity, and the shared vision of making a positive impact on society. 


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