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Connecting Sheridan programming to entrepreneurial skills and possibilities

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Is VenturED Right for you?

Are you a faculty member looking to support your students’ development of 21st-century skills? Whether your course has entrepreneurial learning objectives or you’re looking to enhance experiential and work-integrated learning, EDGE’s VenturED program can help!

There are many ways in which your students can participate in the VenturED program, whether it’s in-class (presentations, workshops, assignments and capstone integration) or on-campus (EDGE programming, co-curricular record (CCR) and Co-op on the EDGE).

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EDGE promotes fundamental career-long skills that are transferrable, and applicable in all aspects of the students’ professional career and needed in today’s competitive environment. Entrepreneurship as a perspective and mindset is about the energy to pursue an initiative and work through a process to add value

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If you’re a Sheridan faculty member interested in providing your students with a unique hands-on learning opportunity with VenturED and EDGE, please contact our Program Lead, Besma Soltan.