Welcome to EDGE

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Welcome to EDGE


EDGE is a hub and co-working space at Sheridan where entrepreneurial ideas are born and developed. Since opening our doors (to a mostly-empty room) in September 2017, a unique space has been created for entrepreneurs of all stripes. We thought it was time to highlight features of the space and describe some steps we took along the way.

The hub design was a product of a stellar collaboration between the EDGE team and Sheridan’s facilities department, led by Marisa Giles.  Marisa brought her interior design skills and plenty of patience to several months of conversation, drawings and help to guide the vision for the EDGE soace.  Big kudos to Marisa and her team for the outcome!


“What I enjoyed most was the opportunity to be the first to create a space that was unique to Sheridan. I was given the challenge of harnessing an evolving vision of endless possibilities.” – Marisa Giles | BID, Intern ARIDO



The Spun Chair


Nearly everyone who walks into EDGE asks about this innovative chair that resembles a giant thumbtack. We encourage you to take a risk and go for a spin. It’s a game changer.




The Block Wall


The block wall (yes, we have a giant wall made of blocks!) is a reflection of the work our entrepreneurs do every day building new products and services. It also represents collaboration, as countless hours were spend designing, refining and building the wall.



The Handmade Pillows


Every detail counts in a space built for creativity. Our designer pillows – crafted by an uber-talented Sheridan student – enable both comfort and style.



“The inspiration for the design work came from an idea of combining the urban and the natural environment. As seen on the pillows, there are different patterns of wood grain, buildings, and animal skin, but they come together as a cohesive collection through the use of bright colours.”

 —  Asifa Ayyaz | Sheridan Alumna from The Honours Bachelor of Craft and Design: Textile Design



The Block Tables


Sheridan has a vast pool of creative talent, so we partnered up with a student and threw him a challenge.  How do you take leftover blocks (from our block wall) and use them in a unique way?  Samson took the challenge and the craftsmanship came alive.  A picture says a thousand words, right?



“I was really excited about their challenging problem: utilizing giant block units to design three work desks that blend into the existing office environment.”

— Wanxing “Samson” Wang| 4th Year Student from Sheridan’s Craft and Design Furniture Program



The Whiteboard Question


Last but not least, we like to challenge the creativity of our community and our weekly whiteboard question does just that. Drop by and share with us an insight into your creative mind!


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