Build the Future You Want

Social Impact Catalyst powered by RBC Future Launch is a transformative program for young changemakers. If you want to explore your purpose and understand how to drive greater social and environmental impact through your work and in your community, this program is for you. We provide the resources, networks, knowledge and encouragement for you to turn your impact ideas into reality.

30 Social Impact Catalysts

140 Hours of Deep Learning Sessions

300 Hours of Mentorship

$60,000 Awarded to Participants

The Program

Free | Jan. 16 to Apr 17 | 14 weeks | 5-10 hours/week | Online programing | In-person opening and closing sessions

Social Impact Catalyst powered by RBC Future Launch is an immersive, interactive learning experience that guides social impact venture ideas and projects into the validation stage. The content and learning journey are practical and informed by our work on the ground with social entrepreneurs and changemakers.

You will develop skills and mindsets to advance your entrepreneurial and changemaking initiatives. We’ll cover the foundations of entrepreneurial knowledge while staying grounded in EDGE’s core values of justice, equity, diversity, inclusion and decolonization.

This program has been made possible with the generous support of RBC Future Launch, a proud partner of Sheridan and EDGE.

What you will receive:

$2000 honorarium to invest in your idea or project.

EDGE Community Membership to connect to a diverse community of changemakers working to build an inclusive, just and sustainable world.

One-on-one mentorship to provide tailored support for you and your project.

Immersive and interactive workshops with experts and changemakers that support deep learning about impact entrepreneurship.

Access to high-quality, on-demand virtual learning to support your project's solid foundation.

Practical hands-on experience working on your impact project to address real-world challenges.

Feature in the Youth Changemaker Summit by participating in panel discussions, speaking engagements, or showcasing your product/services in a booth.

Promotion of your venture through EDGE marketing channels.

I’ve enjoyed the EDGE Social Impact Catalyst powered by RBC Future Launch because it allowed me to form relationships with mentors and other young founders that are fighting for similar causes. It is such an enriching experience because of the in-depth education and resources you receive to turn your ideas into real-world action; from lessons with experts, the honorarium we receive and many perks available to members.
Maheen Iqbal
The Defiant Movement. Graduate, Social Impact Catalyst powered by RBC Future Launch Winter Cohort 2021

What You'll Learn

Explore your idea or project using the key building blocks of a successful venture.

Graduate, Social Impact Catalyst powered by RBC Future Launch, Summer Cohort 2022

Entrepreneurial Foundations

Business Model Canvas

Customer Discovery

Market Research

Legal structures

Digital Marketing and Sales




Impact Entrepreneurship

Aligning personal purpose with social mission

Impact fundamentals

Climate change and environmental sustainability

Diverse perspectives of social innovation

Decolonizing entrepreneurship

Grants and crowdfunding

Theory of change

Graduate, Social Impact Catalyst powered by RBC Future Launch, Summer Cohort 2022

What You'll Experience

A journey of self-discovery and learning designed to build individual capacity and the capacity of your project to contribute to social change

Onboarding Session:

Program facilitators explain the program schedule, live sessions, deliverables and feedback mechanisms

Insightful Feedback:

Receive insights and assessments of your progress after each learning session

Ongoing Mentoring:

Engage with experienced mentors through eight mentoring sessions throughout the program

On-demand Learning:

EDGE leverages the power of Sheridan’s online learning system to help you learn whenever and wherever is best for you

EDGE Signature Approach:

Ground your work in your personal strengths and values while collaborating with a vibrant and multicultural group of peers and supported by tailored learning materials

Ready to Build a Future You Want?

Through this program we learned how to access a lot of media attention. We also formed an advisory team of seven people, met with lawyers to move forward with incorporating our businesses, finished our feasibility study and held our first event. Because of the mentorship, I had accountability. I learned people management, offering feedback, developing processes, and yes, I had a 100% increase in confidence.
Ashleigh Montague
Blk Owned Hamont. Graduate, Social Impact Catalyst powered by RBC Future Launch Summer Cohort 2021

What Makes a Social Impact Catalyst?

Social Impact Catalysts are driven self-starters ready to harness their energy and skills for good by gaining the community, knowledge and skills required to be effective, collaborative agents of change in the 21st century.

This program is for you, if you:

Have an impact-focused idea, project or organization that aims to make a positive change in your community.

Are 15-29 years of age

Either living in Peel or Halton Regions, building a venture that might serve these regions or a Sheridan student/graduate.

Are ready to take action and commit to a 14-week program

We will help you to amplify your leadership skills, grow your network, explore social issues and discover how to build an impact venture.

Get your Co-op credit and build your impact project!

You need to:

Be a co-op eligible Sheridan student

Have an idea aligned to your program of study

Make a full-time commitment to meet co-op criteria

Program Facilitators & Mentors

Marisol Campos Navarrete

Impact Learning Manager

Besma Soltan

VenturED Lead

Noora Sharrab

Social Impact Goal Setting
& Progress Mentor

Diego Cortes

Business Goal Setting
& Progress Mentor

This program has been a whirlwind in the best possible way. As someone who often gets stuck in the ideation phase, having mentors has helped me keep my goals prioritized. The sessions themselves have given me a sense of all the different moving parts that go into a business venture, and I’m excited to take them one step at a time!
Priya Moraes
Outdoors for Everyone. Graduate, Social Impact Catalyst powered by RBC Future Launch Winter Cohort 2021

Social Impact Catalyst Powered by RBC Future Launch Participants

Thank you to:


It would help if you had a defined social impact-focused idea that you want to validate and grow. Fill out the application form and wait to hear back from EDGE.

Attend the workshops, complete the activities, meet your mentors and apply all learning to your venture. Your success is our success.

Yes, you can apply as a team. The honorarium is per idea/project, not per participant

Your relationship with EDGE doesn’t end with the end of the program! You will be able to join our next tier of programs, such as Leap in Action and Rise. You can also become an EDGE community member.

We will be happy to receive your questions. Please email

SIC will be offered again in the summer, from May to August 2023. You are welcome to join the waitlist.