12 EDGE ventures received AdvantEDGE Fund Support

Posted on November 17th, 2020


Raising capital is on every startup founders mind. Whether it’s pre-seed funding or a Series B round, funding allows entrepreneurs to make the necessary moves to grow and scale their startups or social enterprises. 

The AdvantEDGE Fund supports high-potential EDGE startups and social enterprises by providing up to $10,000 in seed funding as they grow their ventures.  

Join us in congratulating this round of AdvantEDGE Fund recipients!  


Bootcamps for Change  

Bootcamps for Change removes barriers for youth experiencing homelessness to reach their full potential through physical activity and industry employmentThey facilitate weekly in-shelter fitness programs for youth experiencing homelessness in Toronto and Thunder Bay and also have a scholarship program, #SweatierForTheBetter, which funds fitness certifications for homeless youth, hiring them internally in the organization and connecting them with local job and mentorship opportunities. 


An open-sourced educational platform where students, teachers and experts can add questions and answers to a database. Users can create their own tests and quizzes quickly and efficiently by picking the questions that they want.  

Game Dream Digital 

Game Dream creates free-to-play arcade game experiences for mobile. They develop free-to-play games currently for mobile and we also offer consulting and development services for local companies.  

Indus Space  

Indus Space connects youth and educators in the topics of STEM through Space Science. Through several program styles, participants use a hands-on approach to learn about Astronomy, Geology, Geography, Engineering and related fields. Indus Space’s goal is to introduce participants to the way space science plays a role in our lives in fun and engaging ways.  

Javelin Sports 

Javelin Sports began as a marketplace for sports leagues and pick-up groups. They developed a mobile app, Javelin, that connects players with nearby sports leagues and pick-up games. During the pandemic, Javelin developed a health screening and contact tool for sports organization to return to play safely. They have helped over 10,000 individuals with weekly health checks and processed over 60,000 health checks. 

Jelly Social  

Jelly Social is a peer-to-peer support community consisting of over 3500 entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs. Jelly Social co-hosts skill-building workshops and events for their community throughout the GTA.  

Just Compare Financial 

JustCompare.ca is a financial comparison platform that provides high quality and convertible leads for mortgages, personal loans and credit cards directly to lenders. They verify, authenticate and compare each customer against the eligibility requirements. 

Kaibigan Connection 

Kaibigan Connection is all about connecting Filipinx entrepreneursprofessionals and leaders to each other and to opportunities. Kaibigan Connection is on a mission to educate and elevate Filipinx entrepreneurs worldwide by giving them a platform to be seen and heard.  


LIOHAN creates engaging activities to empower families to bond, learn and grow with the aim of bettering our world together.  

SAB Fruitcakes 

SAB Fruit Cake is a bakery company in Mississauga that manufactures and sells high-quality fruit cakes. The manufacturing of SAB Fruit Cake is done from a shared bakery space and cakes are shipped directly to customers through retail and online.  

Sharp Storytelling  

Sharp Storytelling is a socially conscious media production team dedicated to amplifying the voices of organizations that are helping to change the world. Through video, photo and graphics they create engaging content bringing your story to life.  

Simplified Automation 

Cloud based software for world class manufacturing continuum.  


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