Sponsorship Coordinator

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Mental Health

Venture Description:

Steps2Flourish is a youth run non-profit organization that promotes undergraduate student well-being and mental health through skill building workshops/events and affordable/free resources. Steps2Flourish is a new non profit organization that is expanding and growing that is a fully volunteer run organization. Joining Steps2Flourish means you will be joining a fast paced team that is passionate about mental health and a supportive team. At Steps2Flourish, one week can be very different from another, one week can be promoting events, another looking at better ways to market our organization while another week about organization/brand development. At Steps2Flourish, we ensure that every member of the team’s opinion is heard and that everyone’s well being is a high priority. 

Mission: We aim to ensure that every student can reach their full potential through mental wellbeing and skill building. 

Vision: To ensure that students have resources and skills they need to take care of their mental health and learn skills that will help them excel. 


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Description of Opportunity:

The Sponsorship Coordinator will be responsible for adapting our sponsorship proposals for each event, initiative and reach out to potential sponsors.  As a Sponsorship Coordinator, you will be the key contact for sponsors and ensure that our offer in our sponsorship proposal will be implemented in our initiatives or events. Any other tasks as assigned by the Director of Finance you will also be responsible for. 

Note that this is a part time volunteer position 5-10 hours per week


  • Completing/completed a bachelor degree in business, finance or related field 
  • Strong writing skills specifically when comes to trying sponsorship proposals 
  • Have past experience with securing sponsorships and being in constant communication with sponsors

Position Required Availability: Volunteer; Remote Work 

Compensation Provided: Mentorship, experience, and referrals 

If you are interested in applying for this position please share your CV and a written response to why you believe that promoting wellbeing and mental health is important. Please email this to amal @steps2flourish.org with a subject line “Sponsorship Coordinator_first name_last name”