Steve Boone

Principal Consultant at KLT Consulting LTD

Pronouns: He/His

Steve Boone’s extensive career within the YMCA federation has spanned a wide range of roles, Associations and accomplishments – both in Canada and internationally. Steve has brought knowledge and passion to accomplishments that include, leading a number of YMCA Associations through significant organizational change, providing leadership to a major Asset Development Strategy and providing strategic guidance and support to Senior Leadership and Boards of Directors across Ontario and with partner YMCAs in Ghana, Liberia and Senegal. Nationally and internationally Steve’s depth of knowledge in YMCA operations combined with the passion for the YMCA Mission, has led to having the privilege of regularly advising and supporting many Associations throughout the YMCA Network – something Steve has always spoken of with a respect and enthusiasm that conveys his belief in what people can accomplish when they join together towards a common good. Over his career, he has been able to demonstrate the ability to skillfully balance the commitment of providing Mission based programs and services, while being fiscally sustainable and relevant to the community he serves. This 3/M (Mission, Margin, Market Relevance) balanced approach to Leadership is key to the long term viability and relevance within the Charitable | Not-for-Profit sector.