Idea Validation Lab v.2: Refine Your Vision with EDGE

Highlights from Sheridan EDGE's Idea Validation Lab v.2.

Sheridan EDGE hosted the Idea Validation Lab v.2. on March 21, in collaboration with the Sheridan Student Union (SSU) and Enactus.This interactive session encouraged students to present their business ideas and receive action-oriented feedback from industry experts to refine their ideas. 

During the two-hour session, 14 participants pitched their business ideas, received constructive feedback and took actionable steps to develop their ideas further.  Everyone received a certificate of participation. 

As part of ongoing student engagement efforts, we are committed to providing opportunities to support students’ progress in their entrepreneurial journey. Our student membership is designed to offer a number of benefits to students, including developing entrepreneurial skills. 

About EDGE Student Membership

The EDGE Student Membership is a catalyst for your growth as a Sheridan student. Membership provides entrepreneurial skill development, networking and hands-on learning so you can build a purpose-driven career or venture.

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