Rise Cohort 1

Anita Grant

Hello Hair

Anita Grant, the entrepreneur behind Hello Hair, is passionate about building self-love in young girls through Black haircare education and resources. Her mission is to empower girls to celebrate their unique beauty and become a leader in Black hair education. 


Maya Saggar

Impact Learning

Maya Saggar is a learning experience designer with Impact Learning. She helps businesses create engaging and effective training programs, offering a one-stop shop for elevating their learning experiences. From curriculum development to implementation, Maya ensures businesses have the tools they need to succeed. 


Rohit Mehta

DoGood Fundraising

Rohit Mehta, the social entrepreneur behind DoGood Fundraising, is dedicated to supporting non-profits, charities, artists, and social enterprises. DoGood offers affordable services like grant writing and fundraising consulting, empowering organizations achieve their goals. Focused on local impact, Rohit and his Canadian team work closely with communities to create positive change. 


Wendy Wong

June Adaptive Inc.

Driven by personal experiences and a desire for inclusivity, Wendy Wong is the designer behind JuneAdaptive.com. Her company offers stylish and functional clothing for people with disabilities, ensuring everyone can feel confident and fashionable. Trusted and generously funded by AMEX, the Government of Canada, The Globe and Mail and national press. Wendy’s innovative solutions are making a difference in the lives of many. 


Ben Fulton


Ben Fulton is a restorative justice lawyer at Benlaw.ca. He advocates for low-income individuals in legal disputes and believes in resolving conflicts through mediation and alternative dispute resolution. Looking to expand his impact, Ben aims to offer educational and consultative services to further promote restorative justice and conflict resolution strategies.


Krystle Marriott

Change the Art

Krystle Marriott, the art therapist behind Change the Art, uses the power of art to help people rediscover joy and hope. Through workshops, pop-up events, and individual sessions, Krystle helps individuals explore their emotions and heal from childhood trauma. With over seven years of experience, her therapeutic art experiences offer a unique and effective approach to well-being. 


Katherine Mackenzie

Somatic Trauma Therapy Toronto

Katherine Mackenzie is a registered psychotherapist specializing in trauma treatment for individuals with complex trauma and treatment-resistant symptoms. Katherine’s goal is to expand from private practice to group practice, offering more resources to the community and hiring additional staff to provide specialized treatment options.


Nairobi Vision

Elemental Notes Inc.

Nairobi Vision, through Elemental Notes Inc., provides individuals with natural and specialized solutions to optimize bodily function. Focusing on custom herbal remedies and alternative forms of education, NairobiVision empowers individuals to achieve a healthy transformation through personalized plans built around their unique needs. Their goal is to offer effective natural solutions that promote overall well-being. 


Tamara Henningham

Henningham & Associates

Tamara Henningham is the owner of Henningham & Associates, a relationship-based mental health practice. Her private practice offers a variety of services, including hosting couples retreats and date nights, individual therapy, staff training, keynote speaking, clinical supervision, and graduate-level practicums. Tamara and her team are committed to providing comprehensive mental health support to individuals and couples.


Alethia Cadore

Mindsilike Consulting & Community practice INC

Alethia Cadore, a registered psychotherapist and mindset coach, is the founder of Minds I Like, a mental wellness/mindset business. Minds I Like provides clinical support and workshops targeting workplace mental health challenges, specifically for Black and racialized professionals. Alethia leverages various modalities to address stigma and create a wider audience for therapy services, aiming to help individuals and corporate clients manage stress, racial trauma, anxiety, and depression.


Emmanuel Adebola

ANE Global

Emmanuel Adebola is the leader behind ANE Global, a non-profit organization focused on empowering Black-owned and operated businesses. ANE Global functions as a chamber of commerce, offering networking opportunities, mentorship programs, and access to funding resources. Since its establishment in 2023, the organization has grown significantly, boasting over 200 members across Canada and beyond. Emmanuel Adebola is dedicated to supporting Black entrepreneurs and contributing to the success of Black businesses in Canada.


Khalil Dorival

Khalil Dorival Enterprise

Khalil Dorival is a Mental Wellness Coach, Author, Spiritual Leader, Facilitator and Invisible Hero Awarded by Toronto Police Services & Child Care Services. He is the Founder of Khalil Dorival Enterprise (KDE). An organization dedicated to addressing the social and economical barriers that youth encounter through Mental Wellness workshops.His phenomenal drive and determination has pushed him to become an influential leader in his community.


Allison Williams

The Black Women Collective

Allison Williams is the founder of The Black Women Collective, a dynamic social enterprise dedicated to empowering Black female entrepreneurs. The Collective fosters a supportive environment where Black women can connect, share experiences, and collaborate to achieve their business goals. Offering access to essential resources, educational materials, and business networks, The Black Women Collective bridges gaps and provides growth opportunities for Black entrepreneurs. 


Beverly Griffiths

Jerk & BBQ Haven

Beverly Griffiths is the owner of Jerk & BBQ Haven, a family-run Jamaican restaurant in Mississauga. Jerk & BBQ Haven serves delicious and authentic Jamaican meals at reasonable prices. Beverly aspires to expand the business and establish a Caribbean Health Food Restaurant, recognizing the gap in the market for such a concept. Jerk & BBQ Haven is committed to providing authentic cuisine and aims to become a leader in the Caribbean health food scene. 


Andy Straisfeld

MEA Health Corporation

Andy Straisfeld is the leader behind MEA Health Corporation, Canada’s first dedicated recycler of PPE and hard-to-process plastics. MEA Health has grown from a waste collection service to a company that not only builds machinery but also sells plastic recycling products and technology. Andy and his team are positioned to revolutionize the medical waste recycling industry.


Natalia Alejandra Guzmán Parada

VMA Wellness Consulting Inc

We develop wellness solutions and experiences for individuals and businesses, leveraging neuroscience, cutting-edge technologies, and innovative training methods. Our focus is on cultivating new mental patterns and conscious habits that positively influence personal leadership, quality of life, and organizational performance. We empower leaders and professionals to prioritize mental health and achieve success through a range of programs, from team-building activities to strategic planning retreats. With a proven track record, VMA Wellness has transformed leaders and organizations, including global giants like SAP. 


Adryanna Muncoro

Human Energy Group

Adryanna Muncoro stands at the helm of Human Energy Group, a social enterprise deeply rooted in the mission of elevating vibrations through transformative events. Her visionary approach extends beyond the logistics of event planning, focusing on enhancing the collective energy of communities to foster connection, well-being, and sustainability. Through meticulously designed experiences ranging from corporate gatherings to cultural festivals, Adryanna aims to transcend the ordinary, creating spaces where individuals can connect more deeply with themselves and each other. Her work embodies the belief that elevated vibrations can inspire positive change, enrich lives, and unify people across the globe. At the core of Human Energy Group’s mission is a commitment to not just meet, but elevate expectations, turning every event into a catalyst for personal and collective transformation. 


Reinhold Knauer, Thomas Melton, and Melroy Sequeria

SWIFT Canada

Reinhold Knauer, Thomas Melton, and Melroy Sequeria established SWIFT to address the limited services available for electric rides. SWIFT offers a variety of services, including repairs (SWIFTFix), customization (SWIFTSkins), and sales/rentals (SWIFTRides). Our goal is not to fulfill existing demand, but generate excitement and interest for electric vehicles, showcasing their incredible value as well as their environmental benefits. We actively engage with customers one all social media platforms, as we strive to become our customers’ shop of choice. 


Rise is a program for social entrepreneurs ready to scale their impact enterprises at an accelerated pace. This project is funded by the Government of Canada through the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario (FedDev Ontario). For more information, visit the program page or email us at edge@sheridancollege.ca.