Rise Industry Advisors

You're joining a thriving community at EDGE that includes access to advisory services with Sheridan's world-class faculty members.

Geoff Hogan

Geoff Hogan is a serial entrepreneur and a graduate of Sheridan College from the Computer Science Technology program (now known as Software Development and Network Engineering). After 10 years of small and large corporate technology experience, Geoff started his own social entrepreneurship company, Osnium, which produces software for domestic violence and sexual assault centers across United States and Canada. In 2016 he stepped back from Osnium into semi-retirement to teach as a Professor at Sheridan and pursue a passion for Scuba diving and other outdoor adventures. Geoff is an advocate of intersectional feminism, LGBTIQ2S rights, and a member of the LGBTIQ2S community. Geoff is happy to speak to you on any number of topics including, setting up and bootstrapping a business, grant funding, taxes, insurance, partnerships, leadership and software development.

Garrett Hall

Garrett Hall is a professor of Marketing program from the Sheridan Pilon School of Business, and primarily teaches Marketing, Digital Marketing and Entrepreneurship. He is also a Mentor-in-Residence at Sheridan’s EDGE Entrepreneurship Hub, and a Faculty Advisor with ENACTUS (Entrepreneurial Action for all of US) Sheridan. Garrett brings over 30 years of business management and marketing experience from entrepreneurial and large-enterprise organizations, having held positions across multiple disciplines including advertising agency Account Executive, Director of New Business, Product Group Manager, eCommerce company business owner and a marketing & business consultant.

Altamash Syed

Altamash Syed, a dedicated educator at Sheridan’s Pilon School of Business since 2018, boasts a rich background in insurance and financial services. Passionate about finance, business math, and managerial accounting, Altamash goes beyond the classroom, offering guidance to founders navigating the small business landscape. As a seasoned professional, he serves as a valuable sounding board, providing insights and support. Intrigued by the evolving realm of cryptocurrency, Altamash stays at the forefront of industry trends, creating a dynamic learning environment.

Annette Pepenella

Annette is an educator and industry expert specializing in Human Resources. She brings over 15 years of experience in HR including learning and development, strategic planning, talent management, and social collaboration. She teaches business courses in many colleges including Sheridan and has worked with several organizations over her career including PWC, Bank of Montreal and Hudson’s Bay to name a few!

Dana Moskowitz

Dana is a professor of Digital Marketing and Strategy at Sheridan College in the Postgraduate and Bachelors BBA programs. She transitioned to teaching after spending 20 years in the corporate world leading large scale product launches, marketing programs, brand refreshes and many strategic corporate projects. Dana spent most of her career in the technology space within B2B and B2C. Dana’s passion for teaching and learning is being part of the learning journey with her students and helping them build the right toolkit and business knowledge to advance in their careers. Dana is happy to speak with you about digital marketing/strategy, product-market fit, customer experience and operations.

Vishal Badiani

Vishal Badiani is a seasoned professional with a wealth of expertise in several key areas. He is an experienced Digital Strategist with a demonstrated history of working in the financial industry & entrepreneurship. Vishal has held a variety of leadership roles and gained international experience through global leadership roles in North and South America, Australia and Asia with a proven track record of delivering innovative solutions for clients. Entrepreneurs and business enthusiasts can engage in insightful conversations with him on a variety of topics, including launching ventures and strategies for taking products or services to market effectively. Vishal also offers valuable insights into assessing readiness for funding and guiding through the essential steps to prepare for it. For those involved in tech-based businesses, he is a valuable resource.

Jennifer Chapman

Jennifer Chapman, the International Business Management Coordinator at the Pilon School of Business at Sheridan College, is a seasoned professional with extensive knowledge in various domains. As a long-time Educator and Trade Consultant, she brings a wealth of expertise to conversations on communications strategy, international trade and market expansion, cultural research, clean tech, sustainable opportunities, and health and wellness. Jennifer’s multifaceted background makes her an invaluable resource for those seeking insights into these diverse fields.

Marcie Theoret

Marcie is a business educator with experience in sales, marketing, and technology. She has worked for multi-national corporations such as Microsoft and Oracle, as well as mid-sized and start-up companies. She is passionate about developing competencies that are essential for success in the digital age. 

Marcie loves to chat with anyone who is interested in learning more about sales, communication, technology, and competency development. She is always open to new ideas and perspectives and enjoys sharing her insights and experiences.

Rise is a program for social entrepreneurs ready to scale their impact enterprises at an accelerated pace. This project is funded by the Government of Canada through the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario (FedDev Ontario). For more information, visit the program page or email us at edge@sheridancollege.ca.