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The hard-working team from Knockri got featured in Forbes!


HUGE congrats to Shauna-Kay Jones, Founder of Motify and Chris-Beth Cowie, Founder of Empowered for Excellence for being recognized among Brampton’s Board of Trade Top 40 Under 40! Check out a photo of them here.




Univjobs continues to impress with their ability to improve their platform. We caught co-founder and CEO Charles Javelona at the Angel First Look 2018 event working the room and networking with angel investors and other startup founders. Univjobs also caught the attention of the Toronto Guardian in an interview about their platform and how they help employees recruit students. Read more here.



Terrex Tech

Terrex Tech is developing an easy to use, economical product that allows food retailers and households to reduce the environmental impact of food waste.  They’ve spent the summer collaborating on a research project with Sheridan’s Centre for Mobile Innovation!  We can’t wait to see what this team does next.



Esports Tickets

One of the recent startups to join EDGE, Esports Tickets pitched their startup at #PitchItTOCityHall — PitchItTO is an entrepreneur-led, grassroots event that provides startups with a platform to market their product or service, drive brand awareness, and practice their funding pitch in front of potential investors. Learn more about PitchItTO here.

Neck Couture by Kobi


Kobi Amponsah is an EDGE mentors as well as an entrepreneur/podcaster/powerlifter and overall great person to be around. Watch this video as he shares some of the lessons on his journey.

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